Vietnam Wild birds in danger

Vietnam Wild birds in dangerThe Ha Hoa area with high mountains and old forests, is believed to be the ideal land for wild birds and animals to live and grow. However, this has become the “unlucky land” for them since they have been hunted just to satisfy the people’s demand for ornamental birds.

Hoang Van Tu has been well-known as an experienced bird hunter in the Ha Hoa mountainous district of Phu Tho province. In order to catch wild birds, Tu has spent a lot of money to buy nets, cages, stakes and ropes which help him make the traps to be put in the places where birds are living.

Tu usually plans to snare a certain species of bird during a certain time in a day, which means that he can catch different species of birds during a day which he can sell at different prices.

In order to catch a whole flock of birds, Tu needs a net with the length of up to 60 meters. Since Tu can predict the places where birds would gather, the characteristics of the birds and the flight heading, he can entice the whole flocks of birds with preys. Seeing the preys put by Tu, the birds would flock into his nets, and the only thing Tu needs to do is to snatch all of them to sell to merchants.

Tu said he is not choosy and he would catch all species of birds, because all of them can be sold, of course, at different price levels, depending on the taste of customers. A spotted dove could be sold at 500,000-700,000 dong, while others are cheaper, about some hundreds of thousands of dong.

The growing tendency of keeping wild birds for ornaments has helped Tu and many other local residents get rich.