Tram Chim in the bird season

Coming to Tram Chim, you will look at the green endless cajuput forest and listen to the sound of birds calling its flock and spanning its wings to the blue sky.

Tram Chim in the bird seasonTram Chim National Park area is 7,612 ha in 5 wards of Tam Nong District, Dong Thap southern province. There are beautiful landscape as well as the ecology of more than 130 flora.

This is the residence of hundreds of fauna with backbone and tens of fishes and more than 198 kinds of water birds, about ¼ of bird types in Vietnam. In the flooding season, the birds grow and being born.

Tram Chim in the bird seasonSome birds make the nest in the high tree top. Many rare birds in the world choose this place to be the shelter like white wind goose, vanellus cinereus, pelican and especially bare neck crane (red head crane).

Tram Chim in the bird season

If you like to see the magnificent view of red head crane flying back to Tram Chim to avoid cold. You can come to see that from December to May.

Tram Chim National Park is under invested and expanded to become the natural museum and interesting tourism centre.

Tram Chim in the bird seasonVisitors like to take pictures of birds in Tram Chim.