Watching birds in flooding season

Tra Su Cajuput Forest in An Giang Province is covering more than 845 hectares is home to more than 100 colonies of water birds, animals and reptiles including rare and endangered species as well as more than 140 floral species. A high tower in the forest is a good position for visitors to watch birds near and far via telescopes and to have the scenic panorama of the sanctuary.

Watching birds in flooding seasonTra Su has more to offer. In addition to the many types of birds that tour guides always highlight when telling their guests about the forest, the sanctuary also magnetizes tourists to its serenity and beautifully-shaped ancient cajuput trees.

Experienced tour guides agree that the flooding season from July to November is the best time to explore Tra Su, as water levels rise high, submerging a vast area of the forest but making travel by boat beyond the canals easier. The flooding season also brings more food, including fish to the forest for birds to catch and eat.

Tra Su can be reached by a 20-kilometer car drive from Chau Doc, which is an attractive town of the Mekong Delta province for not only pilgrims but also lovers of historical and natural values.

Source: SGT