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Birdwatching in Vam Sat Tourist Site Event - News

Birdwatching in Vam Sat Tourist Site

Vam Sat Tourist Sit is more than 50km from central HCMC, has a natural bird sanctuary which is home to over 200,000 birds of 26 different species. In addition to birding, first-time visitors can also get hands-on knowledge of Can Gio mangrove forest and join some fun activities like crocodile fishing and boating. Joining the […]
Watching birds in flooding season Event - News

Watching birds in flooding season

Tra Su Cajuput Forest in An Giang Province is covering more than 845 hectares is home to more than 100 colonies of water birds, animals and reptiles including rare and endangered species as well as more than 140 floral species. A high tower in the forest is a good position for visitors to watch birds […]
Tram Chim in the bird season Event - News

Tram Chim in the bird season

Coming to Tram Chim, you will look at the green endless cajuput forest and listen to the sound of birds calling its flock and spanning its wings to the blue sky. Tram Chim National Park area is 7,612 ha in 5 wards of Tam Nong District, Dong Thap southern province. There are beautiful landscape as […]
Bird watching in Vietnam Event - News

Bird watching in Vietnam

Bird Watching is a hobby that was born from the early 20th century in England, then spread to other countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia. This form of tourism has two main levels: only watching birds and watching bird plus other entertainment activities. Since the 1990s, the first groups of international visitors appeared in […]
Vietnam Wild birds in danger Event - News

Vietnam Wild birds in danger

The Ha Hoa area with high mountains and old forests, is believed to be the ideal land for wild birds and animals to live and grow. However, this has become the “unlucky land” for them since they have been hunted just to satisfy the people’s demand for ornamental birds. Hoang Van Tu has been well-known as […]